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Sisters | Theater RambaZamba


Freedom, recognition, love, a self-determined life: Three sisters meet in the frenzy of different longings. But their interdependence holds them captive and confronts them with their counterpart and themselves. What does it mean to be needed in a way that does not allow for compromise. Or vice versa, when one's life depends on my counterpart. The striving for integrity, perfection and freedom breaks all habitual patterns. The desire for freedom becomes a desire at the expense of others. Who or what can satisfy the desire of the three sisters. Their own identity becomes blurred in the construct of the narrow family structure. The RambaZamba Ensemble, a dancer and musicians explore the motives of this longing together with director Jacob Höhne. "You just often have such a longing inside you - but then you return with broken wings and life goes on as if you were never there." Choreography: Jakob Höhne, Sara Lu Dancers: Juliana Götze, Sven Hakenes, Pascal Kunze, Sara Lu, Sascha Perthel, Hieu Pham Further information and dates:


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