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Herdelezi street festival 2019


Two employees of the Amaro Drom project "Dikhen amen! See us!" (2015-2019) at the "Herdelezi" Roma cultural and neighborhood festival in Berlin-Neukölln in May 2019. Amaro Foro, the Berlin regional association of Amaro Drom, has organized the street festival every spring since 2008. "Herdelezi," St. George's Day, is celebrated as a spring festival by Muslim as well as Christian Orthodox Roma (gender-sensitive: Rom*nja), especially in Southeastern Europe. The federal association Amaro Drom is represented there every year with an information booth to present the work of the association and to get into conversation with interested people.In the youth association Amaro Drom and its regional associations, young Rom*nja and Sinti*zze have been working together with young non-Rom*nja and non-Sinti*zze for social participation and against racism since 2006. Many of them have a migration history. Their parents fled to Germany during the Balkan wars or came to Germany as so-called "guest workers". Others are Sinti*zze. They have been a part of German society for more than 600 years. There are also Rom*nja whose ancestors immigrated to Germany 150 years ago. Making Rom*nja and Sinti*zze visible in their diversity and as a natural part of society is one of the goals of Amaro Drom.


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