Support lives from the photos and graphics, most of which are provided to us by photographers and graphic designers for free or at an affordable price. We also have great clients who support our work by financing photo shoots and making the results available here. The association Sozialhelden e.V. also plays a major role in the project, as it takes on financial, personnel and logistical tasks. This enables us to make the pictures available for editorial use free of charge to improve the image of people with disabilities and diversity in the media and to create new perspectives.

If you would also like to support our project, you have the opportunity to donate to here. With the donations we can organize more photo shoots and keep the database technically up to date and expand it. The team would like to thank you for your support!

Please note: The donation goes to Sozialhelden e.V. and will be used for the project. Therefore, don't be surprised if you are referred to the account of Sozialhelden e.V. when donating via Paypal.

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