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Federal Youth Conference of Roma and Sinti 2018


Co-teamer of the theater dance workshop "Gleich.Equal.jekh chip" at the Federal Youth Conference of Roma and Sinti 2018 in Berlin. The aim of the workshop was to counter social tendencies of division with a policy of solidarity in an artistic way. The young participants of the workshop learned in two days to deal with these issues through dance and acting and created a performance with a revolutionary character. The Federal Youth Conference is the largest nationwide gathering of young Roma and Sinti (gender-sensitive: Rom*nja and Sinti*zze) in Germany and is organized once a year by Amaro Drom. In the youth association Amaro Drom, young Rom*nja and Sinti*zze have been working together with young non-Rom*nja and non-Sinti*zze for social participation and against racism since 2006. Many of them have a migration history. Their parents fled to Germany during the Balkan wars or came to Germany as so-called "guest workers". Others are Sinti*zze. They have been a part of German society for more than 600 years. There are also Rom*nja whose ancestors immigrated to Germany 150 years ago. Making Rom*nja and Sinti*zze visible in their diversity and as a natural part of society is one of the goals of Amaro Drom.


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